Avant-Garde (physical comedy show) Paris Fringe

Avant-Garde (physical comedy show) Paris Fringe

Avant-Garde (physical comedy show) Paris Fringe

Théâtre de Verre Co-Arter

The Bulgarians are coming to Paris Fringe!

AVANT-GARDE is a physical comedy show on the universal theme of war and struggle. It’s an original mix of slapstick, clown-theatre and savage mime.

Two brothers and their two best friends are enrolled in the armed services and sent on a mission to find the enemy. Their diverse adventures force them to face themselves and each other and deal with life’s difficult questions…

Are they soldiers, heroes or clowns? What’s the difference? Who cares? Are they funny? Do they know they are in a show? Are they stuck in their circumstances or free to do what they want?

Non verbal performance. Children friendly.

Thursday 11 October – 7.30pm
Friday 12 October – 6.30pm


Théâtre de Verre
12 Rue Henri Ribière
75019 Paris

1. You need a festival pass to see the show.
2. A festival pass costs 20€ (16€ reduced rate).
3. With the festival pass you can reserve tickets for 2 main shows of your choice.
4. The festival pass also gives you access to the full 4 days of other events and non-ticketed shows.
5. You pay your festival pass at the entrance of the festival. Please note that you can only use cash.
6. Reserve your place(s) for individual shows by email. Make sure you include your full name as well as the title, date and time of the show.
7. If you want to watch more than two shows you can buy additional tickets for 8€ (6€ reduced rate).


Premiered on March 6th, 2018, at the The Red House Centre for Culture and Debate – Sofia.
Produced by HaHaHa Impro Theatre
Created by Vasil BovyanskiJivko JouranovAlexander Mitrev & Ivaylo Rogozinov, after an original idea by Caspar Schjelbred.
Director: Caspar Schjelbred
Actors: Vassil Bovyanski, Jivko Jouranov, Alexander Mitrev & Ivaylo Rogozinov
Costume design: Zlatka Vacheva

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