HaHaHa ImPronational feat Caspar Schjelbred

HaHaHa ImPronational feat Caspar Schjelbred

HaHaHa ImPronational feat Caspar Schjelbred

Парк на Военната Академия

HaHaHa ImPronational with Caspar Schjelbred
Tickets on the spot after 19:00: 10 BGN

Multilingual improv comedy show
ShortForms in Bulgarian, Danish, French, Swedish, English and оther languages
Fast comedy on the spot

Caspar Schjelbred (IMPRO SUPREME)
Ivaylo Rogozinov (HaHaHa ImPro)
Toni Karabashev (HaHaHa ImPro)
Jivko Juranov (Cirque du Soleil)
Vasil Bovyanski (WWE)
and special guests

What is Improv

Improv is exactly the same as scripted theatre, only it’s not scripted – it’s made up on the spot. The actors improvise the plot, dialogue and characters, and in essence direct themselves, and all this with no previous planning. So it’s not exactly like scripted theatre, but there are some similarities. Sometimes.

Sometimes improv is purely comedy-based, other times it’s dramatic – sometimes it’s a mixed bag . No one knows what might happen.

Improv is unique, when you see a performance, that’s it… there will never be another show exactly like it ever again. Improv is different every time.

Improv is spontaneous, entertaining, and fun. But like all great things, you have to experience it to fully appreciate it.


Born in Denmark (1979), raised in Sweden, Parisian since 1999. Specialised in physical theatre (clown/mime) and improvisation. Solo performer with PLAN C since 2012 (Paris, Brussels, Montreal, Sofia, Gothenburg and Australia/NZ tour). Member of the improvisational theatre company The Improfessionals since 2001 (artistic director 2008-2014). Teaches regularly at Impro Academy in Paris since 2006 and freelances across the world with IMPRO SUPREME since 2010: North America (New York, Montreal), Europe (Amsterdam, Brussels, Rome, Sofia), Asia (Singapore), Australia (Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Canberra). Student and associate of Ira Seidenstein (International School for Acting And Creativity – ISAAC).


The first professional improv group in Bulgaria.
Established on July 5, 2009, by five professional (and really quite excellent) actors.
After hard-core trainings in parks and apartments, and following a timid presentation for an invited audience (yes, friends and family, yes they loved us), the group decided they were confident enough to offer themselves to the mercy of a ‘real’ audience. The date – December 19, 2009. The place – the lobby of “Slavic Talk” Cultural Center.
The audience didn’t throw anything at us, the popularity of the group quickly grew, and in less than a year reached our first milestone at “Tear and Laughter” Тheater in front of 350 well entertained audience members.
Then came tours in Gabrovo, Lovech, Stara Zagora, Varna, Vianden (Luxembourg) and Dimitrovgrad. Berlin, Paris, Brussels and Burgas were soon to follow.
The group gradually attracted more professional actors, and today boasts 11 extremely talented members.
We can’t stop growing, at the beginning of 2015, HaHaHa Impro Theatre opened its own ‘dojo’, the HaHaHa Impro Palace.
We hold regular shows in Vlaykova Cinema every first and third Monday of the month.


ХаХаХа е първата професионална трупа за импровизационен театър в България. Създадена през 2009 година, със стотици представления, на всевъзможни локации.

ИмПро :
В импро театъра няма сценарий и предварително зададени роли.
Каквото и да се случи ще се случи само веднъж, само за вас и само заради вас. Буквално.

Всяко ИмПро е застрашено от провал във всяка секунда. И тъкмо затова е толкова вълнуващо.
Актьорите в ИмПро изпълняват много и различни роли. Не се използват реквизит и костюми.
Актьорите в ИмПро се опитват да не правят смешки, а да разказват истории.
В ИмПро няма „аз“, има „ние“. Всеки играе за другите.

Най-важният принцип в импро театъра се нарича „Да, и…“. Съгласяваш се, каквото и да ти сервират на сцената. (Ако партньорът ти изневиделица реши, че имаш две деца и преди операцията си бил жена-сериен убиец, имаш две секунди да станеш точно това, доблестно и безусловно.)
Импро театъра иска преди всичко кураж и въобръжение.

Всяко ИмПро е уникално.

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