Improvised Musical Theatre Workshop

Improvised Musical Theatre Workshop

Improvised Musical Theatre Workshop

ИмПро Палас, Раковски 44

Learn how to improvise songs and put them together into improvised musical scenes, stories and games. Topics include:

-Rhyme and lyrics (Improvise with different content: poetic, emotional, humoristic, dramatic)

-Dance and choreography (Train to place yourself on stage and master simple dance movements: Modern Jazz and contemporary dance)

-Storytelling (Initiation of the key steps and key characters of a musical)

-Improvised Singing (vocal technique, free and creative expression)
Song structure (Train verses, chorus’ and bridges)

This workshop is open to both beginners of improvised musical theatre as well as advanced musical performers.

NO PREVIOUS SINGING EXPERIENCE NEEDED. You don’t have to be able to sing to do this course!

About the instructors:
Ivaylo Rogozinov is an actor and artisitic director of HaHa Improv theater, the first Improv Company in Bulgaria. He has been performing and teaching improv in Sofia since 2009.
Dimitar Gorchakov is a professional pianist trained at the national academy of Music in Sofia, with a passion for improvised music. Both Ivaylo and Dimitar have collaborated with the prestigious French company ‘New, the improvised musical’

The workshop will be given in English, but you can play in your native language.


* SUNDAY 16th FEBRUARY – (17 – 20h)
with Ivaylo Rogozinov and Dimitar Gorchakov (piano)
17:00 – 20:00 hours

Cost :
35 Lv

Sofia, “G.S.Rakovski” str. N44


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