Impro Workshop: Mockingbirds & Clown-Heroes

Impro Workshop: Mockingbirds & Clown-Heroes

Impro Workshop: Mockingbirds & Clown-Heroes

ИмПро Палас, Раковски 44

HaHaHa Impro theater presents: Physical Impro Workshop: Mockingbirds & Clown-Heroes with CASPAR SCHJELBRED in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Saturday 29 July 10am – 4pm
Sofia, Rakovski Str N44

Acting infused with clown and mime – based on individual creativity and physical expression. No need to invent any stories. You are the story.

The work is based on Ira Seidenstein’s „The Four Articulations“ and is suitable for all types of performers: actors, comedians, clowns, mimes.

1. Warm up for the physical and creative actor
• use your body not only as instrument of expression, but as source of creativity
• practise spontaneity of the mind and physical control at the same time
• learn to trust your body and feeling

2. To be a mockingbird
• see and feel what’s *really* going on
• mocking as mimicking, playing with, and relating to what’s *real*
• mock yourself, mock others and let yourself be mocked
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
mockingbird |ˈmɒkɪŋbəːd|
a long-tailed thrush-like songbird with greyish plumage, found mainly in tropical America and noted for its mimicry of the calls and songs of other birds.

3. Heroes & villains: obstacles & temptations
• there’s nothing you have to do, only things you have to deal with
• play the real drama and comedy of what’s *really* going on
• get a feel for the three essential archetypes: hero/anti-hero, threshold guardian (no), and the incarnation of temptation (yes)…

The workshop will be taught in English.
Places are limited to 8 participants.

60 lv.


Born in Denmark (1979), raised in Sweden, Parisian since 1999. Specialised in physical theatre (clown/mime) and improvisation. Solo performer with PLAN C since 2012 (Paris, Brussels, Montreal, Sofia, Gothenburg and Australia/NZ tour). Member of the improvisational theatre company The Improfessionals since 2001 (artistic director 2008-2014). Teaches regularly at Impro Academy in Paris since 2006 and freelances across the world with IMPRO SUPREME since 2010: North America (New York, Montreal), Europe (Amsterdam, Brussels, Rome, Sofia), Asia (Singapore), Australia (Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Canberra). Student and associate of Ira Seidenstein (International School for Acting And Creativity – ISAAC).

The Seidenstein Method – developed since 1976 with the creation of Core Mechanics – is the result of Ira Seidenstein’s vast and varied career in the performing arts. Born American, since naturalised Australian, his international experience as clown, actor, acrobat, director and teacher is truly exceptional, including Cirque de Soleil, Slava’s Snowshow, the Bell Shakespeare company and many other renowned companies and institutions. Ira Seidenstein also holds a PhD in Education (University of Queensland, Australia, 2009) on the subject of professional learning for acting.

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