PLAN C – Back in Bulgaria! – Caspar Schjelbred

PLAN C – Back in Bulgaria! - Caspar Schjelbred

PLAN C – Back in Bulgaria! – Caspar Schjelbred

ИмПро Палас, Раковски 44

HaHaHa Impro theater presents:
PLAN C – Back in Bulgaria! – a solo Improvisation comedy show by Caspar Schjelbred.

PLAN C is a one-man comedy show with an existential twist and a considerable dose of clowning and mime.

Scandinavian functionalism meets French flair as our hero, Caspar, transforms between all kinds of characters, demons and other likely or unlikely figments of his imagination.

Strung between freedom and necessity, each performance is unique in its more or less scripted improvisations…

Created and performed by Caspar Schjelbred.
Show in English, clown and mime.


Tickets: 10 lv.
– includes wine & peanuts

(if you want beer, please bring your own)



Improvisational artist specializing in physical acting, clowning and mime. Born in Denmark, raised in Sweden, Caspar discovered his passion for acting and theater in Paris through improvisational theater at the age of twenty. He is co-director of the Improfessionals, a Parisian impro group with whom he has been performing regularly since 2001. He is also an associate of Ira Seidenstein, with whom he continually studies clown and acting. Teaching is an integral part of Caspar’s work; he co-directs Impro Academy in Paris and frequently travels internationally to teach and perform (New York, Montreal, Brussels, Amsterdam, Sydney). Most recently he created Plan C – a solo improvisation show in which the main objective is to practice what he preaches: that good improvisation is free creativity and that creative acting is an expression of joy.


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