Queens & Bastards | Plovdiv

Queens & Bastards | Plovdiv

Queens & Bastards | Plovdiv

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Queens & Bastards
A Very* Dramatic Clown Improvisation

HaHaHa ImPro and Caspar Schjelbred

Director’s Note

This is the type of show that I’ve been wanting to do for a couple of years, but never really had the opportunity to do. Or rather, I hadn’t met the right group of people for it. Then last year I met HaHaHa ImPro when they were in Paris, we got along very well, and they invited me to work with them in Sofia six months later, in November. This is when I really got to know them – and quickly saw that pretty much anything would be possible with these guys. Great actors. And above all: great people. I am absolutely thrilled to be back here to work and play with them again.

Our show is going to be very different from the impro theatre shows you can usually see around the world. Clown improvisation is direct, simple, clear. Nobody in the audience should have to wonder about what’s going on at any moment. Wonder about the story or wonder about what we’re trying to do or say. All the drama and the comedy is right there in front of you – in your face. What you see is what you get. Really.

You’ll see a great number of big and outrageous characters appearing and disappearing, coming and going, entering and exiting. All of them making it very clear what they want from each other – or from life and existence itself. There shouldn’t be a single hidden intention or feeling here, no refined subtleties. These are characters who are ready to do whatever it takes to get what they want and quickly change from one attitude to the next. Plead for love in one second; threaten to kill in the next. Real damn bastards and drama queens!

Tickets – on door: 10 lv // 6lv for students



Improvisational artist specializing in physical acting, clowning and mime. Born in Denmark, raised in Sweden, Caspar discovered his passion for acting and theater in Paris through improvisational theater at the age of twenty. He is co-director of the Improfessionals, a Parisian impro group with whom he has been performing regularly since 2001. He is also an associate of Ira Seidenstein, with whom he continually studies clown and acting. Teaching is an integral part of Caspar’s work; he co-directs Impro Academy in Paris and frequently travels internationally to teach and perform (New York, Montreal, Brussels, Amsterdam, Sydney). Most recently he created Plan C – a solo improvisation show in which the main objective is to practice what he preaches: that good improvisation is free creativity and that creative acting is an expression of joy.



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